Remote Access Service

Allow Beak to Remotely solve your problems without you having to contact your IT engineer and follow their instructions to fix your problems. See a decrease in downtime and an increase in efficiency.

Remote Assist Service allows support technicians to remotely access and control a user’s desktop, laptop, workstations. This capability enables technicians to troubleshoot issues, configure settings, and perform tasks as if they were physically present at the user’s location.

  • Gain your client’s computer screen access. you will have access to the user’s computer’s actual screen, allowing us to navigate and resolve problems.
  • Gain backstage access and automatically utilize your client’s PowerShell, Command prompt and file explorer to autonomously solve all issues.
Insights Through Our Blogs

We conduct thorough market research and reflect on the market we operate in. This is our outlet to understand how MSPs are changing the way they operate, how AI is affecting the market, and other things you should be thinking about.

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