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A Dynamic solution for Managed Service Providers (MSP)
Al powered business driven solution ready-to-launch at your ease.

Beak’s NextGen unified Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) solution for MSPs let you be the instructor of how IT automation should work to support a boundless number of customers while channelling your invaluable time to manoeuvre better customer satisfaction.

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Beak offers Quick win MSP solutions to IT-Ops professionals of the entire span from associates to executives.

How MSPs can achieve Operational excellence with
Beak AI-Ops
We’re the only AI-Ops platform to provide Unified data- based RMM, ServiceDesk, Billing, Analytics & reporting solution across the globe.

Swift client Onboarding & Effortless set up for technicians

A minimum to non-intervene IT setup is the most idealistic solution.

That’s exactly what beak AI-Ops has got to offer. Swift, on-demand & seamless IT setup with onboard-as-you- go client registration process. We offer the best-in-class just-in-time environment setup. Setting up new customer environments is just as easy as filling out sign up form. Converse your time to value & impact at scale. Gladden your customers with read-to-use & less to no training platform which truly delivers customers’ expectations.

Top solutions & benefits:

Agents feedback required information of software & hardware, equipping you with capability to manage servers & workstations remotely without interrupting endpoint. Swift, secure & ease for humongous installations

Conserve & prioritize your time with serving your customers better by automating patch installation for OS, software & Hardware, ensuring compliance for security & performance at scale.

Ceaseless network and security scans to stay top tier despite the complexity of the environments at once, ensuring you always have a precise view of what’s expected of & onboard at ease. A systematic service to identify, evaluate, prioritize, and mitigate potential exploits as well as vulnerabilities.

A sleek manager for hassle-free IT service delivery. Efficiently handle customer queries at ease, with built-in ticketing and service desk and an unified analytics dashboard for all users to have a comprehensive understanding & resolve alerts at ease.

A secure & robust solution to deliver remote IT support from anywhere. Accessing & troubleshooting customer challenges with reliable access technology.

Define rules that execute recurring processes on schedule, liberating up IT technicians to sum strategies that’ll augment customer retention like anything.

A best-in-class channel to effectively administer versatile scripts throughout the Lifecyle right from onboarding.

Let beak take care your infrastructure management, you focus on augmenting
customer satisfaction & retention

Our RMM Software & Solutions will redefine the way you manage your IT.

Harness what IT automation got to offer
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