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What is Self-Healing?

Our approach goes beyond mere problem-solving; we delve into the root causes to pre-emptively address issues. Elevate your efficiency, satisfaction, and productivity while minimizing costs.

Protect Yourself from Potential Breaches

Our automated self-healing capabilities safeguard your infrastructure against potential vulnerabilities, providing adaptive protection.​

Monitor Downtime Effectively​

Our self-healing module is designed to minimize downtime caused due to system maintenance and provides a comprehensive track to gauge its impact on productivity.​

Effortless Ticket Resolution​

Let Beak autonomously handle vulnerabilities, patches, and scripts, allowing you to concentrate on more critical tasks​


cost saved in the next 3 years


vulnerabilities detected


SMEs Protected


Devices Managed

Our battle tested AI driven IT infrastructure Platform will serve you better with panoramic outlook & no code swift automation. our beak is an all-inclusive hub which is ready to plugin to your environment, offer you insights & help you make informed decisions.

Beak AIOps - Introduction
AI Powered Self-Healing
Why Beak

With industry standard features and cutting-edge AI, you have the right tools and solutions to battle your IT problems head on

Aggregated View

Across systems, providing real-time Insights to be acted upon

Integrated Intelligence

Turn isolated data points into intelligence for Smarter Decisions


AI-based Auto-Remediations for efficient problem solving


Your Personal Assistant to get things done efficiently

Low Touch Solution

Designed for ease of use and minimal manual intervention

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We integrate with a plethora of solutions

You can just plug and play, regardless of what platform you use right now.​


We conduct thorough market research and reflect on the market we operate in. This is our outlet to understand how MSPs are changing the way they operate, how AI is affecting the market, and other things you should be thinking about.

What’s in a Patch

-Derek Melber Patching has to be one of the most fundamental security concepts in computing.…

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